Executive LWT Event - Toronto, Ontario


December 11-14, 2017


TORONTO, ONTARIO Ritz-Carlton Hotel (TBC)


The Lead Without a Title™ System has been specifically designed to help build leaders at every level of your organization.

It is built on Robin Sharma’s 20 + years of building leadership capability at Fortune 500 companies including NASA, Starbucks, Nike, FedEx, IBM, GE, Microsoft and the Coca-Cola Company. 

This Executive Workshop focuses on inspiring individuals and teams to work at their absolute peak while dramatically promoting increased productivity, innovation, collaboration, customer service and bottom line results.




Grahame Gerstenberg

Grahame Gerstenberg


Grahame has over 20 years' experience in developing training and facilitation businesses, specializing in developing the leadership attitude and capability of CEOs, executives and people from all walks of life.

Grahame regularly hosts leadership and learning events in Australia and internationally, and has delivered Lead Without A Title (LWT) programs for clients throughout the world.

Grahame's primary focus is on building world-class relationships: with LWT clients globally and with our incredible team of LWT Facilitators, so we can continue to deliver an exceptional experience for every participant in every class we deliver.

Trina Maher

Trina Maher


Trina Maher is a well-known strategist in Indigenous corporate diversity and a recognized leader of Indigenous career development internationally. Trina advocates for people development across Indigenous organizations and through her work as a Lead Without A Title Facilitator, Trina helps build leaders at all levels of an organization. 

 Trina’s has over 15 years’ experience in researching, developing and delivering workplace development programs to support Indigenous inclusion throughout Canada and overseas.

 A passionate advocate for growing human potential, Trina brings a wealth of experience and a genuine care for others to her LWT work.





  • Robin Sharma introduction video

  • The Leader Who Had No Title (paperback and/or audiobook)

  • Online 'Leadership Effectiveness' assessment

  • True Colors assessment.

4-Day Interactive Workshop

Day One

DAY ONE - Monday December 11, 2017

8:30 am   -   Registration

9:00 am   -   Workshop Starts: Introductions, Ground Rules and Expectations

9:30 am   -   True Colors Personality / Learning Styles

10:45 am  -   Break

11:00 am  -   True Colors (continued)

12:30 pm  -   Lunch

1:30 pm    -  MODULE 1: Leadership 2.0 - Now You Can Lead Without A Title

3:15 pm    -  Break

3:30 pm   -   MODULE 1 (continued)

5:00 pm   -   End of Day One

DAY TWO - Tuesday December 12, 2017

9:00 am   -   MODULE 2: Leading Without A Title By Doing World-Class Work

10:45 am  -   Break

11:00 am  -   MODULE 2 (continued)

12:30 pm  -   Lunch

1:30 pm    -   MODULE 3:  Unleashing Your Productivity - Getting Big Things Done

3:15 pm    -   Break

3:30 pm   -   MODULE 3 (continued)

4:00 pm   -   MODULE 4: Building A High-Performing Team and Creating A Victim-Free Culture

5:00 pm   -   End of Day Two

DAY THREE - Wednesday December 13, 2017

9:00 am   -   MODULE 4 (continued)

10:45 am  -   Break

11:00 am  -   MODULE 5: Lead By Wowing Customers And Creating Fanatical Followers Of Your Brand

12:30 pm  -   Lunch

1:30 pm   -   MODULE 5 (continued)

3:15 pm   -   Break

3:30 pm   -   MODULE 6: Leveraging Change And Turbulent Times To Dominate Your Industry

5:00 pm   -   End of Day Three

DAY FOUR - Thursday December 14, 2017

9:00 am   -   MODULE 7: Mastering Self-Leadership

10:45 am  -   Break

11:00 am  -   MODULE 7  (continued)

12:30 pm  -   Lunch

1:30 pm    -   MODULE 8: The Ultimate Purpose Of Leading Without A Title

3:15 pm   -   Break

3:30 pm   -   MODULE 8  (continued)

4:00 pm   -   Wrap-Up And Closing Ceremony

4:30 pm   -   Program  Close

Listen to what some of our LWT Alumni have to say about this stunning leadership program:

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